Apps brought to you by Marco Kellershoff a.k.a. Walialu

ABT - Another/Awesome Build Tool

Inspired by Grunt, sprockets and Make.

Leverage the power of build-tools, with Java as the only dependency.

Aspect Ratio Calculator

Calculate aspect ratios on the fly.

Excerpt for Android

Generate and share beautiful text excerpts (as images) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

MD5 Checksum Generator - client-side-only

Generate a MD5 checksum from a string.

Client-side only, works offline aswell.

MyIP - Check your current IP address.

Works with IPv4 and IPv6.

Available as HTML, XML and JSON.

Also includes X-Forwarded-For headers, if present.

Google Chrome: Super Evil Dark Theme

A simple, minimalistic dark theme.

Google Chrome: Super Evil New Tab

This extension overrides the default chrome://newtab and let's you completely customize it.

UID Lookup for Android

Basic application showing the phone's UID.

We need this sometimes at work, so it is awesome if you have it right here in a small, adfree app.

Datetime to Unixtime - Unixtime to Datetime Converter

Convert datetime to a unix timestamp or vice versa.

Win Fonts For All

Install fonts on Windows™ 7, Windows™ 8 and Windows™ 10 fonts without Administrator access/rights.

WP Better Random Posts

A plugin for WordPress that lets you fetch random posts.

WP Mobile Detect Lib

A plugin for Wordpress that makes the Mobile_Detect.php available globally.

WP Robots NoIndex Plugin

A plugin for Wordpress that lets you specify which posts should be omitted by crawlers.

YTT - Yet another Translation Tool

Use Google Spreadsheets to create (JSON) translation files.

Easy to use for the average Jane/Joe and makes programmers happy.