YTT - (Google Spreadsheet) Translation Tool

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Tool that enables you to use Google Docs Spreadsheets as translation dictionaries for your JavaScript Apps. It exports the spreadsheet as multiple .json files. One .json file for each translation / language.


Look at the example Google Docs Spreadsheet over here: The usage is pretty straightforwarded.

java -jar ytt.jar 14VajlPyV1nfq2vlSwJSzo-mMcG-8C9zGzVpTeO5BdzU C:/save/json/files/to/this/folder

As you can see, you have to supply the Tool with 2 arguments. The first one is the Google Docs FileId which can be seen in the example URL: The second one is a valid path to an existing directory, where the Tool will save the translation files.



You can download it here: